img_1062Comprehensive Veterinary Care: We provide veterinary services for every stage in your pet’s life, from the very first vaccinations to a lifetime of preventive care to keep your friend happy and healthy.

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Have you heard about ImPAWtant Pets?

img_1063At County’s End, we know how ImPAWtant your pet’s health is!  Providing regular flea and worm treatment and annual vaccinations is required to prevent parasite infestation and a number of infectious diseases. Your pets make up a large part of your life. With the ImPAWtant Pets Scheme, giving top-quality flea and worm treatment has never been easier, especially with affordable monthly payments to help to spread the cost.  But it doesn’t end there!  Discounts on a range of products and services provide great value and ensure that you are able to keep in regular contact with our vet and nurse team for your pet’s preventative health needs.

The ImPAWtant Pets Scheme is co-ordinated by our Reception Team, and signing up is a quick and easy process.




What else does ImPAWtant Pets cover?

  • Annual booster vaccinations are included in the cost
  • Full health checks, twice yearly
  • 10% Discount on many other services & products

Prices (correct as of May 2018)

Small Dog £12.70 per month |  Medium Dog  £13.90 per month  Large Dog £17.40 per month | Giant Dog £25.00 per month | Cat £12.70 per month | Rabbit £4.50 per month

In times of sorrow….

Our practice tries to be sensitive to everyone’s needs at the times when you and your pet’s dignity needs to be observed.  Our longer than normal consultation appointments ensure that you can rely on County’s End to offer a personal, bespoke service for end-of-life arrangements and we would encourage a confidential word with any of our team at a time to suit.  We will always discuss euthanasia (putting to sleep) and cremation options very carefully so that you fully understand arrangements and have access to a wide range of support and counseling services.

The following are a small selection of known support websites: