There have been many advances in veterinary medicine over the past few years – from parasite treatments to stem cell regenerative therapy. On the practice’s regular monthly Oldham Community Radio broadcast earlier in February, vet Katie Ford discussed some of them. Catch the vet on the radio slot here

Are you fed up of seeing dog mess on footpaths?  Apart from the problems it causes, it’s illegal and dangerous. There’s little doubt that any reader of this will be a responsible dog owner and will always carry a supply of poo bags when out walking their dog. Recent press coverage suggests that the penalties for allowing your dog to defacate inappropriately will be extending to not being able to produce poo bags if requested. In an emergency, you can obtain a few from the practice free of charge, plus we also have a wall-mounted bin for waste disposal outside our Benyon Streeet entrance. If you see anyone allowing a dog to defacate and not picking up the mess you are entitled to (some would say obliged to) report them to the local authority using this form