We are very proud at County’s End to be able to offer a range of in-house referral services, providing specialist care to your pets by visiting European Specialists. We arrange for the specialist to visit your pet at the practice, and alongside liaising with our regular veterinary surgeons, we formulate a plan for the best possible care for your pet.

If you feel that your pet may benefit from this service, you must initially have a consultation with one of our regular team; this allows us to confirm that our service will meet your needs, take preliminary tests and advise of costs.

Ultrasonography – Jerry Shimali

Jerry Shimali

Jerry Shimali is a European Specialist in Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging. He visits the practice on a regular basis to provide abdominal ultrasonography, which greatly aids in diagnosis of cases particularly involving the liver, kidneys, urinary and gastrointestinal tract.

Soft Tissue Surgery – Catherine Sturgeon

Catherine Sturgeon

Catherine Sturgeon is a European Specialist in Soft Tissue Surgery. She visits the practice to provide specialist soft tissue surgery. Previous examples include; laryngeal/airway surgery, extensive tumour removal (case dependent), urogenital surgery and severe wound care.

Cardiology – Hannah Stephenson

Hannah Stephenson

Hannah Stephenson is a European Specialist in Cardiology. She visits the practice on a regular basis to provide echocardiography (heart scans), which greatly aids in diagnosis of heart murmurs and management of heart disease.


We have facilitated certificate holding orthopaedic surgeons at County’s End for more complicated and extensive orthopaedic surgery. This has included TTA and TPLO cruciate procedures and patella surgery.



Veterinary Acupuncture is a service provided by the Huddersfield-based Animal Rehabilitation Centre by referral only.  Acupuncture is primarily used in dogs and cats to promote pain relief. This is achieved by unblocking ‘acupoints’ and stimulating nerve endings. During acupuncture sessions, most animals remain relaxed and are unaffected by the placement of needles.







The purpose of physiotherapy is to restore and maintain mobility, function, independence and performance, whether this be for a horse who competes or an ageing companion dog. Assessments typically involve obtaining a detailed history, observing and analysing movement as well as a thorough physical examination. As physiotherapists we work alongside veterinary diagnoses and all referrals must be consented to and approved by a vet prior to the initial assessment.